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Zakłady Mechaniczno - Kuźnicze WOSTAL Sp. z o.o.


Advantages of forgings

Forging has several advantages over alternative manufacturing technologies for the same products. The most important are :

  • increasing the mechanical properties compering to the raw material
  • the possibility to affect the structure and properties of the material
  • continuous grain flow, which guarantees higher load resistance
  • obtaining similar shape to the final product, which allows a significant saving of material and reduction of machining cost
  • the possibility to produce a large quantities in a short time

Technical possibilities:

We produce steel die forgings up to 10 kg with dimensions up to 300 × 100 mm or Ø 200 mm diameter and on their base also finished products.

We can produce forgings from following materials:

  • structural carbon steel, standard quality
  • structural carbon steel, high quality
  • constructional alloy steels for quenching and tempering
  • low-alloy steels with high strength


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